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Complete Web Development One-Year

01 Simple Web Design $1200

Sets up client domain and hosting, creates static pages using a website builder, ensures that client’s online presence aligns with their offline messaging.


02 Simple Graphic Design $1200

Creates visual elements of marketing materials, aligns imagery & typography with company’s branding, coordinates with marketing team about the materials to be produced.


03 Content Creation $1200

Boosts client’s online presence through search-optimized content, does simple website design using builders and client guidelines, performs basic website maintenance.


04 Offline Advertising Support $1200

Assists client in launching traditional campaigns; schedules and plans campaigns, provides tech support to creative team, maintains performance reports.


05 Email Marketing $1200

Generates leads with list building, sets up an email cadence, monitors messages’ performance, responds to queries, and forwards hot leads to management.

06 Brand Positioning Assistance $1200

Creates specific buyer personas, defines brand elements & tone following client’s guidelines, evaluates competitors’ products for USP & brand issues, documents branding practices.


TOTAL $7200

Web Development

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