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Claim Your Share of the Visa/Mastercard Interchange Fee Settlement!

Are You Eligible?

If your business accepted Visa or Mastercard payments between January 1, 2004, and January 25, 2019, you could be entitled to a portion of the $6 billion settlement fund! Don't miss this opportunity to recover the excessive fees you were charged.

Why Should You File a Claim?

  • Recover Overpaid Fees: This settlement addresses the inflated interchange fees Visa and Mastercard charged. Get back the money you deserve.

  • Simple Process: We handle all the paperwork and documentation for you. Just sign up and let us do the rest.

  • No Upfront Costs: Our services are based on a contingency fee. If you don't get paid, neither do we!

Who Can File?

Eligible Businesses Include:

  • Retail Stores (from small boutiques to large chains)

  • Restaurants and Food Services

  • Service Providers (salons, repair services, professional services)

  • Online Merchants

  • Non-Profits

  • Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations

Excluded Entities:

  • Dismissed Plaintiffs

  • Government Entities

  • Financial Institutions

  • Named Defendants

How Much Could You Receive?

The settlement amount represents a significant opportunity for businesses. Depending on your transaction volume with Visa and Mastercard during the eligible period, your recovery could be substantial. Current projections suggest claims could be paid out at 40-50 cents on the dollar.

How to File a Claim

  1. Sign Up: Provide your business information using our secure online form.

  2. Document Preparation: Our experts will gather and prepare all necessary documents.

  3. Claim Submission: We will file your claim and handle all follow-up communications.

  4. Get Paid: Once the claim is processed, receive your settlement payment.

Our Service

  • Experience: We've helped thousands of businesses file their claims successfully.

  • Contingency Fee: Our fee is a percentage of the recovered amount, so there's no risk to you.

  • Support: Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Act Now!

The deadline to file your claim is August 30, 2024. Don’t wait and miss out on your chance to recover what’s rightfully yours. Sign up today and let us help you navigate the claims process.

Contact Us Today


Small Business Example:

The business generates $2,500,000 in annual sales.

  • 40% of these sales are processed via Visa/Mastercard.

  • This equates to $1,000,000 in Visa/Mastercard transactions annually.

  • Over 15 years, this totals $15,000,000 in transactions.

  • With 1% of fees returned, this amounts to $150,000.

  • The recovery fee is 40%, resulting in $60,000.

  • The referring partner receives 25%, which is $15,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Visa/Mastercard Interchange Fee Settlement?

A: It's a $6 billion settlement fund created to compensate businesses for excessive fees charged by Visa and Mastercard between 2004 and 2019.

Q: How do I know if my business is eligible?

A: If you accepted Visa or Mastercard payments during the specified period, you are likely eligible. Certain exclusions apply.

Q: What documents do I need to provide?

A: Typically, merchant statements showing your Visa and Mastercard transactions will be required.

Q: Is there any cost to file a claim?

A: There are no upfront costs. We charge a contingency fee, meaning we only get paid if you recover money.

Ready to file your claim? Sign Up Now

Claim Form - Please fill out the form below to get started with your claim.

Business Information:

  • Business Name:

  • Business Address:

  • City:

  • State:

  • ZIP Code:

  • Email:

  • Phone Number:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN):

  • Contact Person:

  • Contact Person Title:

Eligibility Confirmation:

  • Did your business accept Visa or Mastercard payments between January 1, 2004, and January 25, 2019? (Yes/No)

Transaction Information:

  • Estimated Total Visa/Mastercard Transactions (if available):

  • Upload Supporting Documents (e.g., merchant statements):


  • I authorize [Your Company Name] to file a claim on behalf of my business and agree to the terms and conditions. (Checkbox)


Sales Script for Telemarketers



Telemarketer: "Good [morning/afternoon], is this [Business Owner's Name]?"

Business Owner: "Yes, this is [Business Owner's Name]. Who's calling?"

Telemarketer: "Hi, [Business Owner's Name]! This is [Your Name] from How's your day going?"

Business Owner: "It's going well, thank you. How can I help you?"


Purpose of Call:

Telemarketer: "I'm calling to follow up on the new deadline that was recently extended… we recently mailed you about the Visa/Mastercard interchange fee settlement. Turns out your business is eligible for a slice of a $6 billion pie! This settlement is all about getting back the cash you were overcharged in transaction fees between January 1, 2004, and January 25, 2019."


Engage and Confirm Eligibility:

Telemarketer: "Since your business accepted Visa or Mastercard payments during that time, you're in the money! Did you get the info we sent you?"

Business Owner: "Yes, I think we received it."

Telemarketer: "Perfect! I'm here to help you cash in. This is a golden opportunity to reclaim some of those hard-earned dollars."


Benefits and Process:

Telemarketer: "Filing a claim can recover a hefty chunk of the fees you were overcharged. And the best part? We handle all the tedious paperwork and documentation for you. Our service is based on a contingency fee, so if you don't get paid, neither do we. No risk, all reward!"


Details on Potential Recovery:

Telemarketer: "To put it in perspective, claims could be paid out at 40-50 cents on the dollar. That could translate to thousands back to you! It’s up to 15 years that you were overcharged!"


Call to Action:

Telemarketer: "So, let's complete your claim. I just need to finalize a few details about your business. It won't take long …we have everything so it won’t take more than 5 more minutes.


Collect Information:

Telemarketer: "Awesome! I just need the following info…

Business Owner provides details.


Next Steps:

Telemarketer: "Thanks for that! Our team will now work their magic and submit your claim. We'll keep you posted on the progress and let you know if we need anything else. Got any questions right now?"

Business Owner: "No, I think that's all clear. Thank you."

Telemarketer: "You're welcome! Thanks for your time, [Business Owner's Name]. We're excited to help you get what's rightfully yours. Have a fantastic day!"



Telemarketer: "Expect a follow-up from us soon to confirm everything. If you need to reach us before then, just call [Your Company Phone Number] or email [Your Company Email]."



Telemarketer: "Thanks again, [Business Owner's Name]. Looking forward to getting you those dollars back. Goodbye!"


This script maintains a professional yet friendly tone, aiming to engage the business owner and convey the benefits of filing a claim in an enthusiastic and approachable manner.

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