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The performance Model Y has over 300 miles in range
3.5 Second 0-60
21” Uberturbine wheels
Red performance brakes (Brembo brakes)
Carbon fiber spoiler
Aluminum performance brake pedals
This car has the Full Self Driving package. This is the $15,000 FSD option.
This car also has the HOV stickers, so you can drive in the carpool lane by yourself until the end of 2024.
This car also has the white vegan leather interior
Heated seats front and back.
Heated steering wheel
Biohazard mode for air purification
Pet mode, camp mode and more.
This is a recent build, which means it has:
- Matrix LED headlights
- AMD Ryzen processor (PS5 power)
- Lithium ion 12v battery (This means you will not have to replace it for the life of the vehicle)
This car also has ceramic window tint on front windows and windshield $450
This car also comes with the Mobile Connector which Tesla sells for $230
Includes an aftermarket read cargo cover.
A software update coming this month will unlock track mode for this car, as well as many other new features.
Tesla charges $74,400 for this car before tax.

2022 Model Y Performance with FSD

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