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Top 10 Hilariously Bad Turo Renter Reviews: Tales of Woe and Misadventures

Turo is a popular peer-to-peer car rental platform that allows car owners to earn extra income by renting their vehicles to travelers. While most renters have pleasant and uneventful experiences, some stories from hosts paint a comically disastrous picture of the worst renters on Turo. In this blog post, we'll share the top 10 worst Turo renter reviews that will leave you in stitches.

  1. The 'Gas Crisis' Debacle: One host reported that their renter called in a panic, claiming the car had run out of gas in the middle of a highway. After a towing service arrived, it was discovered the car had plenty of fuel; the renter had simply forgotten to remove the gas cap.

  2. The 'Lost in Translation' Fiasco: A host rented their car to an international traveler who thought "mileage" referred to the car's physical size, not the distance it could travel on a gallon of gas. The renter was bewildered when the compact car arrived, expecting something more substantial.

  3. The 'Wildlife Safari' Adventure: One host found their car covered in hay and filled with farm animals after the renter decided to take an impromptu road trip to a petting zoo. The renter claimed they thought it was acceptable to use the car as a mobile barn.

  4. The 'Cruise Control' Comedy: A renter left a perplexed review stating that the car's cruise control didn't work because the host had forgotten to provide an onboard chef to cook meals during the journey. They assumed "cruise control" meant all-inclusive luxury.

  5. The 'Time Traveler' Conundrum: A renter insisted they had traveled back in time after the car's digital clock stopped working. They left a scathing review, claiming the host's vehicle was defective for not allowing them to return to the past.

  6. The 'Airborne Ambition': One Turo host discovered their car returned with an aviation enthusiast renter who had attached makeshift wings to the car, convinced it would help them achieve flight. Needless to say, they did not achieve liftoff.

  7. The 'GPS Misadventure': A renter left a bewildered review, complaining that the GPS provided with the car refused to change its destination when they missed a turn. Little did they know that the GPS couldn't perform miracles and teleport them to the correct route.

  8. The 'Car Wash Confusion': A renter thought they were being helpful by treating the host's car to a "spa day" at a car wash. Unfortunately, the renter didn't realize that the car was not compatible with certain automated wash systems, leaving the vehicle with a broken side mirror.

  9. The 'Flower Child' Renting Experience: A host received their car back with the seats covered in soil and flower petals. The renter explained they were trying to make the car "more eco-friendly" by planting flowers in it while on a nature trip.

  10. The 'Treasure Hunt' Departure: One host reported that their renter had left behind a treasure map and a note claiming they had buried gold somewhere in the vicinity of the car's last parking spot. The renter invited the host to join the quest for riches.

Conclusion: While these stories of the worst Turo renter reviews might seem outlandish, they serve as a reminder that not all rental experiences go smoothly. Hosts and renters alike can find humor in these tales of bizarre and amusing misadventures. Remember, when renting on Turo, communication, and clear expectations are key to avoiding these laugh-out-loud moments.

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